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Holy Orbital Creativity

Sometimes getting what you want is as easy as coming up with the right idea – one that is typically simple and also very powerful. 

In this case, the baby’s parents wanted to get the pope’s attention but had to compete with thousands of other people to do so. Now, we can all agree that a baby in itself is quite attention-grabbing, but a baby dressed in a pope costume is irresistible.

They had a great idea.

While we’re on the subject of the pope, let me segue to discuss a quality of his that only we could identify: his Orbital Thinking. Pope Francis is a person who perfectly understands the meaning of the word Orbital. In everything he says – and reaffirms through his own example – he makes it abundantly clear that no one is free to pursue his or her own interests if they are not aligned with those of everyone else.

No one is excluded from his discourse, and those honored with face-to-face visits include not only lawmakers but also immigrants, homeless people, and even prisoners. 

And although The Donald may not completely agree with some of his ideas, most people around the world identify with his values and the way he communicates them.

So in this case there was a commingling of two sacred elements with the ability to work miracles: creativity and Orbital Thinking. Amen.

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