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Newlink Summer Internship Program 2016

Newlink has opened its doors to 15 young people who are embracing our unique brand of collaborative consulting through the 2016 summer internship program. We welcome them as they embark on a professional journey that will challenge them with new ways of working and inspire them with new ways of thinking. In turn, we’re excited by the passion, enthusiasm and fresh perspective that they bring to all aspects of our organization, as we look to ignite transformation within as well as for our clients.

The interns will work closely with Newlinkers in every area of expertise as well as in the business-operations departments of human resources and finance. Over nine weeks in the Miami office, they will get hands-on experience in market research, analytics, content development, organizing events and more.

They will be part of client teams, immersed in all levels of service, including meetings and calls. They’ll also go behind the scenes at the company, participating in everything from brainstorming sessions and productions to sit-downs with senior leadership. And they’ll help assess the latest digital developments and social media trends.

The interns will have some fun, too, with field trips, community activities and other initiatives designed to foster collaboration and the sense of shared purpose that is essential to igniting transformation.

Past summer interns have been hired by Newlink and other leading consultancies and agencies. To find out more about Newlink internships, click here:

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