Carolina Castilla

Managing Partner

Carolina Castilla Rubio is a managing partner and strategic force behind Newlink Peru.

She works closely with clients in highly regulated industries including energy, mining and electricity.  Carolina has an impressive background in the area of institutional positioning, community relations and social responsibility.

Carolina brings to Newlink her far-reaching expertise in legal and regulatory affairs, specifically as it pertains to companies and organizations that are subject to additional oversight and intense scrutiny by government bodies.

A lawyer by trade, and a frequent contributor to Peruvian news media outlets, Carolina has worked in both the Peruvian public and private sectors as a coordinator for mining and energy privatization for COPRI (which is now PROINVERSION), and director of the organization’s Office of Economic Promotion. Additionally, she worked as general manager of the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions - CONFIEP, corporate affairs manager of Lima Airport Partners, concessionaire of the Airport Jorge Chavez and director of the Guild Association of Public Services – ADEPSEP. 

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