Rafael Pedraza

Vice President

A leading strategist, Rafael Pedraza was instrumental in the design and execution of Newlink’s proprietary Orbital Thinking approach to strategy and has guided the company’s methodological shift to collaborative consulting. 

As vice president, he focuses on cultural and operational change, business sustainability, executive direction and project management.

Rafael Pedraza brings to Newlink a solid professional background in management, organizational change and communications. He has steered change management programs for regional clients such as LAN, CBC and Southern Peaks Mining, and directed planning sessions for international companies in Perú, such as Backus, Southern Cooper, Coca-Cola Company and Kimberly-Clark.

Before his career with Newlink, Rafael managed the startup process of Burson-Marsteller in Venezuela, and was later appointed as president and managing director. He acted as change manager for Empresas 1-BC, and was in charge of the transformation of Venezuela’s first radio station, Radio Caracas Radio., He also oversaw cultural and functional modernization of El Tiempo in Puerto La Cruz during his tenure as executive director.

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