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A new organizational culture?

The impact of the new normal at work.

Is our company culture ready for the new normal?

COVID19 has had a profound impact on millions of companies around the world and has forever changed both the notion of corporate culture and the ways of working in organizations.

It has accelerated a process that was already underway and includes digitization of the job and the workspace, remote teamwork and the shaping of new behaviors and new leadership styles.

It has also altered the way in which our employees understand their relationship with the company, their commitment and their view of work itself.

Certainly, our decisions during the pandemic will have conditioned the scope of all these changes, in some cases positively and not so much in others.

This is the scenario companies must manage with the return to the office, the store or the factory.

Identifying and understanding new organizational and human resources challenges.

This study seeks to understand what success companies have had and what they can do from now on to turn the new normal into an opportunity for improvement, from the point of view of culture, leadership, employee experience, commitment, and the attraction and retention of talent.

In addition, it aims to provide organizations with valuable information about the challenges, trends or initiatives most valued by managers in different countries and industries.

CEOs and HR, Marketing, Communication and Transformation managers.

The survey is aimed at all those with corporate responsibility in the field of cultural and business transformation, organization and people management.

Also, to all professionals dedicated to leadership, employer brand, employee experience, internal communication and HR activities.

The new normal starts here. With you. With your collaboration.

Anonymous online survey. 15 questions. 8 minutes

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