Maia Mazar Barnett

Director, Culture

Maia Mazar Barnett is Newlink's Director of Culture for Latin America. She is a key player in helping organizations and brands go through processes of cultural, digital and M&A transformation, ensuring  culture and strategy are aligned and respond to new business needs.

A specialist in change management with more than 15 years’ experience in regional projects, Maia is an expert in reading organizational culture and social context in order to design and implement effective cultural and digital transformation plans according to set objectives.

Before joining Newlink, she was regional manager of Climate, Culture and Change Management at, where she led the cultural transformation process that entailed a change in the company's purpose and its reorientation towards a customer- centricity strategy.

As a consultant, she was in charge introducing computer systems and new technologies in well-known companies, including Argentine state oil company YPF, several Odebrecht subsidiaries in Latin America, Grupo Mirgor and Tenaris. In addition, she led cultural integration plans in important merger processes, including Noble-Nidera, Despegar-Falabella Viajes and Viacom-Telefe.

With a degree in Business Administration from San Andres University in Buenos Aires, Maia has worked and lived in different countries in the region, including Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Mexico. She has a master's degree in Management of Technology and Telecommunications Services and another in Organizational Studies.

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