Digital Campaign for the premier of #MTVCaniggiaLibre

What happens when you develop content for Argentinians that doesn’t sound and feel like a Mexican TV transplant? A region lacking viewership turns into gold. 

That’s what MTV discovered when it chose to launch a show about the quintessential Argentinian celebrity family and partnered with Newlink to promote it on social media in a language and manner that felt authentic to the Southern Cone.


million impressions


million interactions

#1 show

in the 18 – 24-year-old demographic in Argentina

#MTVCaniggiaLibre follows the lavish life of the Caniggia twins, Charlotte and Alexander Caniggia, the children of ex Argentinian soccer player Claudio Caniggia and former Argentinian model Mariana Nannis. The Canniggia family is sometimes dubbed as the “Kardashians of Argentina”, and is known for their antics and extravagant lifestyle, making them an interesting group to present on television.


High ratings!

  • Generate engagement with the Argentinian audience.
  • Improve MTV’s ratings in the southern Latin American region.
  • Drive tune-in to premiere of show and continuous season.


MTV’s current programming lacked content that used regionalized language from the southern Latin American region, creating a disconnect with their Argentinian audience. This ultimately was shining a negative light on the channel in this region, directly affecting the consistency of ratings.


Regionalized, dynamic and interactive content

The Newlink team designed a dynamic and interactive campaign, which directly spoke in the language of the region.

In partnership with MTVLA, content that showcased the lavish lifestyle and personalities of the Caniggia twins was arranged in various formats across digital platforms. It was necessary to create content that was oriented towards the Argentinian audience. The solution was a barrage of visually impactful and shareable content that was 100% Argentinian.


Major premiere success in Argentina

The Newlink team designed a dynamic and interactive campaign, which directly spoke in the language of the region.

This content strategy and multi-platform distribution yielded outstanding results for #MTVCaniggiaLibre. The show premiered at the #1 spot amongst 18-24-year-old demographic in Argentina. The audience in the region loved content that was created in their voice, ultimately generating a hit for a channel in an area where it has usually struggled to retain viewership.

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