MTV: Super Shore - Life Unscripted

MTV Latinoamérica and Newlink’s Social Marketing team promoted the reality show MTV Super Shore using short videos that establish edits Facebook presence, expanding that program’s reach and generating awareness among its target audience.

34 %

ad recall rate


greater reach compared to the previous season


lower cost per view through use of short videos


Context and Description

Breaking the Mold

Since their inception, reality shows have defied the norms of traditional television. MTV Super Shore, which originated as an offshoot of MTV’s famed reality show Jersey Shore, chronicles the experiences and wild lives of its young co-stars.



Switching Course

MTV Latinoamérica and Newlink wanted to extend the reach of the shows ads, establish a Facebook presence, and generate awareness to ensure a successful season for Super Shore.

“Facebook was undoubtedly a crucial element in extending MTV Super Shore’s life beyond TV. Our Facebook strategy allowed us to evolve our content formats, expand the show’s visibility, and enhance its relevance among our audience.” Tiago Worcman, VP Programming & Content, Brand Manager MTV Viacom International Media Networks



A 24-Hour Show

Aware of the current trend toward content consumption on different screens, MTV Latinoamérica and Newlink decided to extend televised content to other formats to make it available 24 hours a day and able to accompany people wherever they go. Facebook was a key ally in this effort, allowing MTV Latinoamérica and Newlink to extend the program’s life beyond its broadcast schedule.

The first thing MTV Latinoamérica and Newlink did to achieve their objectives was to create a Custom Audience based on its already existing audience. The idea was to group together everyone who had shown interest in the program and was on Facebook. It then created a lookalike audience from its Custom Audience. That enabled it to locate other people on Facebook with traits similar to those of its original audience. These steps enabled MTV Latinoamérica to focus its ad-targeting efforts on those most likely to be interested in its content.

After identifying and segmenting its audience, MTV Latinoamérica and Newlink produced exclusive content in short video format that it served into Facebook’s News Feed for viewing on both computers and mobile devices. Those videos were special “teasers” aimed at sparking interest and encouraging those who saw them to tune in to that week’s episode. This made the content easier to consume on mobile devices and “on the go,” while also making it more likely that people would watch the videos in their entirety.




MTV Super Shore exceeded the established objectives and the results obtained in previous seasons, achieving:

  • 34 % ad recall rate
  • 100% greater reach compared to the previous season
  • 50 % lower cost per view through use of short videos

Honorable Mention

This case won an Honorable Mention in the 2017 PR News Social Media Awards for Best Facebook Marketing Campaign.

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