@MTVLA Instagram Growth

Through a user-driven editorial strategy, MTVLA was able to better connect with Millennials on Instagram, increasing the quality and relevance of its content and reaching higher engagement levels.

With a 41% reduction in volume of content, MTVLA achieved:

103 %

increase in user comments


increase in total engagement


increase in average engagement per post


With a 47% reduction in volume of video content, MTVLA achieved:

28 %

increase in total video views


increase in average video view per post



Content to envy!

MTVLA was looking to improve its editorial strategy on Instagram, seeking to make its content more relevant to its regional audience and better position themselves within the platform amongst competing entertainment accounts. MTVLA also wanted to differentiate itself from other networks through a strategy that only leveraged “made-for-social” content.



Visual Strategy, In-house Talent, and a Balanced Structure

Newlink’s approach was “out with the old, in with the new!”.

By determining what content was performing well on the brand’s already popular Instagram profile, Newlink’s team of designers, copywriters and analysts succeeded in generating a new personalized formula for MTVLA on the platform.

Together, we worked to create consistency within the profile, eliminate visual clutter by highlighting the content that performed the highest and identify what content was getting the highest response rate from fans.

The goal for MTVLA had always been to continue to grow on Instagram and increase the engagement on all its posts as a way to strengthen its position on social media platforms as a mass communications media channel and challenge the competition.

Newlink’s social media team curated MTVLA’s existing content and created new, Instagram-tailored posts to maximize engagement and improve relevance in Latin America and, more specifically, in MTVLA’s top markets – Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

The strategy was to create user-driven content by monitoring interactions with the posts and offering followers more of what they responded to. Newlink fine-tuned calls-to-action, prompting fans to interact and share the posts, making them visible to new followers.

In the end, all were hooked on MTVLA’s juicy, visually attractive content. Comments spiked, video views went through the roof and user engagement was higher than ever.



Quality over Quantity

Video views, a top tier metric in the social world, are highly sought after by brands. A common mistake, however, is to flood Instagram with videos that fall short in terms of engagement because they don’t feel native to the platform. By molding MTVLA’s videos into made-for-social pieces, Newlink succeeded in increasing engagement rates while posting less – but more eye-catching– videos on the platform.


About the client


MTVLA is Latin America’s #1 channel for pop-culture, music, entertainment and news. MTVLA hosts some of the most trending shows on television and owns one of the most successful on-demand entertainment Apps in the region – MTV Play.

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