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FCB México Merges with Newlink to Create FCBNewlink

FCB México, one of the most prominent and award-winning agencies in the country, today announced that it has merged with has merged with the international consultancy firm, Newlink's Mexican arm to create FCBNewlink.

The combined entity is now the largest marketing consulting agency in the region, bringing together the outstanding strategy and creativity that have defined FCB México with Newlink’s consulting services in reputation, brand, and organizational culture.

FCB México is part of FCB’s global network of more than 8,000 professionals with 109 operations in 80 countries. Newlink has more than 400 employees across the across the United States, Latin America, and Europe. FCBNewlink will provide a full service offering for clients in key international growth markets, as well as greater sophistication across its digital and media vertical to create more multinational business exposure.

“This merger marries best in class creative capabilities from FCB Mexico with Newlink’s innovative consulting offering to create a powerful advantage for our clients. Together as FCBNewlink, the agency is poised to deliver deeper engagement and greater value to clients in the Mexican market,” noted FCB Global’s CEO, Tyler Turnbull.

Eric Descombes, CEO/partner and president of FCBNewlink, commented: “This integration represents an unprecedented transformation and growth that will generate a positive impact, and great excitement for our colleagues who will have a more extensive portfolio. We have a huge market in front of us, full of opportunities to capitalize on, and with this new offering and way of thinking, we will be able to grow faster to offer our clients innovation they’ve never seen before.”

“At Newlink we’ve gone beyond thinking in terms of merely digital, social media or the importance of data and developed Orbital Thinking, a proprietary philosophy that traces the recategorization of the ‘target,’ which has now progressed into what we call an empowered actor. Today, we all hold potential and power as empowered actors, and the only path to connection is through a Shared Purpose. We understand that the power, reach and credibility previously held by the media have now shifted to the hands of the people. This is where the importance of generating engagement comes into play, and FCBNewlink puts forth a new way of interpreting the world as well as executing strategy that reaches people on a new level,” explained Sergio Roitberg, CEO and president of Newlink Group from its headquarters in Miami.

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