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A Norwegian mountain that went from 500 to 40,000 visitors in 5 years thanks to an Instagram post. A New Zealand town that grew tourism by 14% by inviting a few influencers to visit.

The travel industry is no stranger to how hyperconnectivity changed the world. Social Media, in particular, transformed the way we travel – from where we research and how we plan, to where we go and what we share.

Today, People Influence People, and that’s why it is key for travel brands to connect with travelers.

At Newlink, we believe that brands that truly connect have a Shared Purpose, a common intention that binds them to their stakeholders.

Learn more about Newlink’s groundbreaking methodology to establish powerful connections at http://newlink-group.com/en/page/orbital-thinking

To read more about travel and social media as seen by NatGeo, go to https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/travel-interests/arts-and-culture/how-instagram-is-changing-travel/

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