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Is this social conscience or what?

At Newlink, we have been saying for over two years now that one of the 4 forces that shapes this new world we live in is social conscience; and this is true for institutions, small business and even for big companies whose brands are undoubtedly recognized worldwide.

It’s become more and more frequent to see brands speaking about something else, not specifically their product or service. At Newlink, we have been talking about this shift from positioning to engagement. We have all had it with brands telling us how wonderful they are and how they will change our world, body, relationship or future if we buy them. Enough of that! Like teenagers say “That is so last year!”

First, it was Coca Cola speaking about obesity... But every day we witness new campaigns anchored in that approach. There are tons of examples. Let me just share with you today, some of the most recent:

A Thai mobile company just released a spot about a very moving story of giving, under the claim “Giving is the best communication” http://bit.ly/19jkp4y

Chipotle Mexican Grill just released a new short animated film beautifully done, with the message “Cultivate a better world”. http://bit.ly/16I7uM4

And IKEA has just released its new spot featuring a nine-year old boy who only wants their family to make time for living. http://bit.ly/18D5v8u

None of them are talking about their brands. They have found a way to engage with people, bringing out something that is relevant for them.

It’s not about positioning a brand anymore. It’s about engaging in a conversation that is meaningful to whoever it is that you want to speak to. And then, and only then, a brand may have created a bond that is stronger than any brand attributes and any brand image -a genuine bond-.  That is why socially conscious brands will rule!

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