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Newlink and A-list comunicación create an innovative collaborative connection formula

With this agreement, Newlink reinforces its expertise in beauty and wellness within the area of Consumption and Lifestyle. Both companies maintain their structure and independence and share resources and methodologies

Newlink, the global connection consulting firm, and “A-List Comunicación”, the atelier communication agency specialized in beauty and well-being, have signed an agreement based on an innovative connection and collaboration formula.

Both companies maintain their independent structure and teams, but share resources and methodology specializing in beauty and well-being within the Consumer and Lifestyle area.
It’s a unique alliance in the Beauty sector, making it possible to offer a more professional, comprehensive and specialized service in this field. This vision allows global agency Newlink to strengthen its Consumer and Lifestyle area in beauty and well-being, through the experience, ultra-specialization and proximity of a small boutique-agency such as A-List Communication, a Beauty reference at the national level.

“We have been observing that communication in the Beauty area is in constant transformation and that, more and more, it requires very specific and differentiated service formulas. It seemed essential to us to give a structural turnaround to the usual, and put an end to the eternal division between large and small agencies. We thought of it as the winning formula: a two-in-one, but each one maintaining its identity and methodology”, said María R. de Rivera and Manuela Llagostera, A-List Comunicación co-founding partners and Executive Directors.

So emerges a new formula, through a studied bi-structure synergy, based on collaborative-independence and the sharing of perspectives, contacts and methodologies.
“This alliance brings great value to the sector and offers clients a unique formula that combines our consolidated multinational structure and our renowned multi-services consulting in various areas, with the atelier essence of A-list Comunicación. A connection structure that will undoubtedly be a great contribution to the sector", emphasized María de la Puerta, Newlink’s Fashion & Beauty Senior Vice President.

With this alliance, Newlink will continue to provide its recognized collaborative connection consulting, with a strategic approach, to transform companies and organizations around the world through its various knowledge centers. And A-list will continue with 100% tailored communication services between beauty and wellness media and brands.

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