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Newlink, new exclusive partner with Nebrija University for their master in event management and organization

Newlink, communication and strategy collaborative consultant, has signed an agreement with Nebrija University to shrink the university-to-business gap and join efforts within the event organization sector. In this way, the company makes available to the university all the field experience it has through Globally, its lifestyle division.

  • The experience provided by Globally, Newlink’s Lifestyle division, will facilitate students' direct relationship with the professional world.
  • The sector faces great challenges to which Newlink and Nebrija University will jointly respond based on experience and academic excellence.

Together, both organizations promote the Master’s Degree in Event Management and Organization, a degree that professionalizes the creation of events and provides a global vision of all aspects involved, with special emphasis on practice.

The events sector has been undergoing a constant transformation in recent years, so the combination of new skills and abilities for future event organizers is essential. In addition, the current situation caused by COVID-19 is the most challenging trial for the field. That forces us to rethink the way we organize events and presents new horizons and new needs to which Nebrija and Newlink will respond with this program.

The focus is on facilitating student access to the labor market. This is done with the help of faculty members with vast experience in the sector; a groundbreaking study plan focused on the integral process of event planning; and the mandatory professional internship program at communication and events companies.

All this guarantees a vision and an expertise very close to the reality of this field, which the agreement with Globally undoubtedly reinforces. The program will have professors who are part of the company, the study plan will be complemented by several workshops and seminars organized by its professionals, and several of the students will be able to do their curriculum practices at the multinational.

Newlink consulting firm, with headquarters in Miami (USA), has been present in Spain since April 2018, at which time it partnered with Globally, which has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of organization of events and lifestyle. As for the Communication and Arts College of Nebrija University, it has a track record of more than 20 years, and offers 19 degrees, all with a clear professional vocation, closely linked to real business and, in the case of master's degrees, associated to leading companies in their different fields.

Olivier Vallecillo, CEO of Newlink Spain, said: “At Newlink, we believe that the best way to train is to see for yourself how an event team works. Practice is the best training ground. To do this, we open the doors to these upcoming professionals by offering them to live that experience firsthand with Globally and Nebrija University”.

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