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Newlink Stays in Topbrands: The Book of Leading Brands of Dominican Republic

The agency is recognized for the second time in a row as one of the most iconic and influential brands in the Dominican market

Santo Domingo –Newlink Dominicana stays this year within a select group of national and international companies that appear in Topbrands: The Book of Leading Brands in Dominican Republic, recently presented at an event at the Epic Center in Santo Domingo.

After making the list for the first time in 2016, Newlink is recognized once again in the fifth edition of Topbrands, a publication put out every three years by 7 Zero Studio, the Central America and Caribbean representative of the English rating agency Superbrands.

In the 2019 edition, Topbrands includes 41 of the most important brands in Dominican Republic that have become icons thanks to their solid track record and value in the local market. These companies offer significant rational and emotional benefits to consumers and motivate them to prefer their products or services over those of the competition.

The Book of Leading Brands outlines how Newlink has positioned itself as a disruptive consulting firm, characterized by its tendency to seek change and offer its clients the best and most effective tools to achieve transformation.

“Our tools not only help our clients go through a crisis, but they prepare them to face crises or offer them all the necessary support for their recovery and subsequent transformation. Similarly, reputation management helps organizations achieve authentic engagement that meets the expectations of all stakeholders, even when their brand is under pressure,” Fernando Martínez, vice president of the firm, writes in the book.

Topbrands highlights the diversity of programs that are adapted to the needs of today’s organizations and brands, helping them to stand out as “always one step ahead in market trends.” Among the programs, it cites crisis management, reputation enhancement and executive thought leadership.

“At Newlink,  we do combine the best our customers bring us with our infallible formula: the talent of our newlinkers plus the tools we have developed and the unique and innovative processes we carry out,” said Eduardo Valcárcel, the firm’s managing partner in Dominican Republic.“The result: we spur the transformation sought by all parts of the business.”

Topbrands: The Book of Leading Brands in Dominican Republic was made under the seal of the international brand scoring company Superbrands, which is based in England. Its Council of Experts (Brand Council) works independently and is made up of a group of professionals and experts in marketing, advertising and communications. Its members evaluate local and multinational brands that deliver emotional and functional benefits that are better than those of their competitors, qualifying them to be chosen as TOPBRANDS.

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