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Armando Briquet

Vice President - Crisis & Reputation Management

Armando Briquet is in charge of Newlink's Crisis and Reputation management practices, after accumulating more than 20 years’ experience as a specialist in political consulting, strategy design, campaigns and communication in Venezuela and other countries on the continent.

Experienced in piloting campaigns in adverse situations, over 20 years his duties as a strategist have included different processes in Venezuela, while outside his country his experience includes coordinating and designing campaigns in Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, and Aruba.

Armando is a lawyer, with a postgraduate degree in Financial Law. He’s been a speaker at several seminars on scenario-building and campaign management. He was a professor at Central University of Venezuela, where he also gave lectures at the School of Political Studies. He founded the consulting firm Machina, Inteligencia Estratégica and has been a Senior Advisor at CLS Strategies, Washington.

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