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Gina Lombardi


Gina is a Public Affairs Manager with more than 15 years of experience solving highly complex problems, focused on mining and energy.

Before joining Newlink, Gina worked as Head of Planning and PMO Manager of Romero Group Services Corporation, where she promoted the process of transforming the system areas throughout the group.

Gina was also administrator and responsible for Planning and Monitoring of the Regional Clean Air Program (PRAL) of the Swiss Cooperation, executed by the Swiss Foundation for Technical Development Cooperation (Swisscontact) and the National Environment Council, now the Ministry of Environment.

Gina is an administrator from Universidad del Pacifico, with a master's degree in Social Responsibility and Sustainability from the School of Business-CENTRUM of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. She also has post-graduate studies in Public Management from Universidad del Pacifico and the University Institute of Research Ortega y Gasset, Madrid.

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