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Nahila Campos

Vice President, Digital Marketing

Led by her insatiable appetite for innovation, growth-outside-the-comfort-zone and all-things-Digital, Nahila currently leads Newlink's Digital Marketing area of expertise.

Key to her success within Newlink has been her relentless 'I-can-make-it-work' attitude, which throughout the years has made her an expert in cutting edge skills such as the sophisticated execution of digital strategies that specifically address clients’ business objectives.

A true consultant and communicator at heart, Nahila is committed to the ongoing evolution of the team’s strategies – always ensuring that Newlink’s digital offer is focused on innovation, efficiency, creativity and most-importantly – that it generates a measurable outcome. Throughout the years, many of the social strategies that she has led have been recognized and published by Facebook as industry Success Stories for revolutionizing the use of social platforms towards business goals.

Nahila brings to the table 7+ years of digital-centric experience across multiple industries, and has developed a strong focus in entertainment and tourism, with clients such as MTV, Paramount Channel, The Ministry of Tourism for the Dominican Republic, among others.

Nahila has a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Boston University, and a minor in French language.

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