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Johnnie & Letras District

Johnnie Walker took Barrio de Las Letras, Madrid’s Literary Quarter, and turned it into Johnnie & Letras District for a month. The experience served as an invitation to millennials to explore and rediscover the most vibrant part of their city through words and music. At the center: the whiskey brand’s new cocktail, the highball.

Entre los expositores se encontraron destinos, empresas hoteleras - desde cadenas internacionales hasta propiedades boutique independientes - aerolíneas que conectan México con gateways en todo el mundo, empresas de transporte terrestre, DMCs, centros de convenciones y otras y organizaciones relacionadas con el turismo.

Como consultores especializados en Turismo, Newlink hizo la gestión de las relaciones con prensa internacional del Tianguis Turístico y su destino sede, Acapulco, a fin de maximizar la exposición del mensaje promocional de México en los mercados de interés, incluyendo Norteamérica, Europa, Asia y LATAM. Nuestro equipo tuvo a su cargo desde la planeación y selección de medios, logística, atención al grupo y coordinación de múltiples viajes de prensa post evento.




Impact in media and social networks


Engagement in social networks #johnnieletras


Increase in sales within Madrid´s hospitality industry


PR value

Más de 45 medios cubrieron las 20 activaciones que durante 4 semanas se llevaron a cabo en el Barrio de las Letras de Madrid.


Bring the Scotch-whiskey premium brand closer to a younger public and change their perception of where, when and how to drink it.

With its new cocktails, Johnnie Walker highballs, at the center of the activation, the company presented consumers with a new way of discovering, exploring and enjoying the city’s best hotspots.


Globally Newlink developed dozens of activities that impacted millions of passers-by; and hundreds of attendees filled the events that took place in Madrid’s Barrio de Las Letras throughout November.

In addition, a PR plan was implemented, with brand ambassadors like actors, digital influencers and artists from various disciplines offering an agenda of plans open to consumers and reaching incredible numbers in both visibility and engagement (achieving 22 million and 1 million, respectively).


The millennial public that Johnnie Walker wants to reach sees whiskey as a formal drink, meant for night hours, to be drunk straight or on the rocks.

Changing this idea and making them see whiskey as a drink to be enjoyed during the day and at “wine and beer moments” young people are used to.

Offer them an innovative collection of cocktails from the brand, made of different mixtures and served in a tall glass, the highballs.


By creating different, original activations that speak directly to the actors it wants to reach, a brand can get closer to them, even if they are not current consumers.

With this activation we invited intrepid millennials to explore the coolest places in Madrid's Barrio de Las Letras accompanied by the highball.

As a tribute to the district, we developed an agenda related to its literary heritage such as live music performances, micro poetry, rap, etc; as well as walking tours led by actors living in the neighborhood. These activities were promoted by an army of more than 50 digital influencers recruited for the events, and we also postered shop windows in Barrio de Las Letras with the works of the popular millennial Spanish poet Defreds.


Through Globally Newlink, the teams involved in this activation were united to work in a coordinated way towards a common goal. This was how we were able to achieve brilliant results; we even went on to win the Annual European Award that is granted by the brand company, Diageo, as well as a Bronze in Best Awards 2020 in Best Shopper Marketing category.

Working together with the company's media buying agency also allowed us to add an ambitious proposal for media partners and a paid media plan within the brand's social networks, as well as to display poetry in the windows of Barrio de Las Letras’ local stores.

In addition, together with the neighborhood’s leisure merchants association, we were able to identify the district’s hot spots and key dates, which helped us boost the activations and the scope of the project.

The Team


Cayetana Peláez
Senior Vice President Lifestyle

Beatriz Pavón
Senior. Manager Lifestyle

Vanessa Zerpa
Account Executive Lifestyle

Adela de Miguel
Account Coordinator Lifestyle

Juan Diego Troconis
Account Coordinator Lifestyle


Leandro Gualdi
Senior Manager Events

Blanca Vázquez
Producer Events

Sofía López Ayuso
Creative Events Designer Creative

Patricia Sanjuán
Graphic Designer Creative & Branding

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