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Anar Foundation

Confinement is exacerbating the abuse many children and teens suffer every day. The Anar Foundation launched this campaign in order to help them. 

"It's not applause” but the blows  thousands of children and teenagers have received during the lockdown. Children have had to spend more time with their aggressors. During this period, the Foundation has received more than 17,000 consultations from children and adolescents.


Give visibility to children and teens who, because of confinement due to Covid-19, have seen their situation worsen, as well as collecting funds so that we can continue to offer the help they need through Anar Foundation.


Spanish society in general,. We needed to gain the help of as many people as possible due to the social situation that the country was living.


With the arrival of Covid-19 and confinement, citizen cooperation has been needed for countless social causes. How could we get them to choose to collaborate with Anar?


During confinement, we all believed the only evil that haunted us was Covid-19. We felt very supportive and grateful, clapping for all those who were helping us. But behind all this, there were other problems invisible to our eyes, such as the increase of abuse in some families of children and teens.


What we wanted to show with “It’s not applause” campaign is that through this kind of sound, unfortunately, behind closed doors children are suffering from very serious physical abuse.  

But we knew we had to go even further. We needed to reach more people. To achieve this, we needed help. So we partnered with the individuals that most connected with people during confinement: influencers.

They were responsible for creating stories by asking their followers about their experience during quarantine. The contents concluded with a surprising ending, showing testimonies from real victims who had been abused during this period.



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Requests for help from boys, girls and teens

In addition, we reached one of the most important milestones in the 50 years of Anar. After years of collaboration with different NGOs and the final push from this campaign, on June 9th, we managed to make it possible for the "Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents from Violence" Act to pass at the Council of Ministers. This law guarantees the extension of protection to all children and teens who may be at risk.  In this way we not only managed to make this problem visible to the people, but also to our government.

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