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Habitat III – CAF Day

Habitat III was the third edition of the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, which takes place once every 20 years. In 2016, this important initiative was held from October 15-20 in Quito, Ecuador.

Habitat III served as a platform for setting Latin America’s urban agenda for the next 20 years and was a golden opportunity for the international community to become substantially engaged and formulate strategies for tackling these complex issues.

Some of the issues addressed at Habitat III were: poverty, quality of life, environmental degradation, climate change, and the economic, social, and creative advantages provided by cities.


Position CAF as a global leader in inclusive and productive cities and bolster its impact in Latin America through a comprehensive, end-to-end strategy based on message definition, stories, creative materials, agenda, ambiance, technology, and dissemination to differentiate CAF in a specialized, global impact environment.

  • Make clients (governments, mayors, municipalities) aware of the comprehensive vision of CAF, which provides the necessary conditions for generating greater regional productivity and growth by contributing ideas, adapting best global practices, providing financing, and assisting with the projects of inclusive and productive cities.
  • Make clients and the general public aware that CAF is the development bank OF Latin America FOR Latin America. Foster a sense of its belonging and its thorough knowledge of the region and cities’ needs.


General public, multilaterals, governments, credit agencies, banks and private companies, the academic community, partners, current and potential clients, think tanks, CAF officials, the media, and opinion leaders.


This is the world’s leading urban development conference, widely attended by highly recognized experts and entities in the field. It was therefore crucial to differentiate CAF’s operation and its knowledge and impact vis-a-vis the other actors.


Clients are aware of what sets CAF apart:

  • Their working model is simpler because their processes are simpler.
  • They have closer relationships with mayors.

There is an audience unaware of CAF. Knowledge in this area needs to be enhanced.


CAF is the ideal partner because it offers the conditions needed to boost our cities’ growth and productivity by contributing ideas, adapting best global practices, providing financing, and assisting with the projects of inclusive and productive cities.

programs implemented


Results at a glance


  • 1 Newlink program
  • 1 communications strategy

Media Relations:

  • 42 publications
  • 4 interviews


  • 16 creative pieces

Audiovisual and videos

  • 5 videos created
  • 5 virtual reality kits

Social media


  • 1,223,377 impressions
  • 50,908 interactions
  • 100,290 impressions in local awareness campaigns
  • 42,382 clicks to event’s microsite


  • 1,474 interactions with the Twitter account @AgendaCAF


Estrategia de comunicaciones

The communications strategy for Habitat III was aimed at positioning CAF as a global leader in productive and inclusive Latin American cities. This goal was achieved through the following actions:


Stand design and development
CAF DAY image and ambiance

Media Relations:

Journalistic content
Media coverage
Media interviews
Media partners


Creative pieces

Audiovisual and Videos

Production and post-production

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality kits
VR video

Social Media

Online promotion
Traffic campaigns

Key Element

Creative Pieces


key element

Virtual Reality

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