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“Bye bye target, now we’re all empowered actors”

“Expuestos” is presented today in Spain, a book that exposes the hyper-connected reality that has radically changed our lifestyle and how we relate to each other.

Written by Sergio Roitberg, founder and CEO of the international communications consultancy Newlink, “Expuestos” was edited by Penguin Random House and contains insights from business leaders such as Facebook’s Natalia Basterrechea, Fluidra’s Eloi Planes and  economist José Carlos Díez.

Sergio Roitberg, CEO and founder of the international communications consultancy Newlink, which has a presence in Spain since a merger with Globally, today has presented his book “Expuestos. Las nuevas reglas del mundo transparente”. This first book by the author aims to serve as a roadmap to understand the new ways we relate to each other in a world of permanent update.

Expuestos’ helps us understand today’s reality in which hyper-connectivity has radically changed our lifestyle and the way we relate with others, the environment and especially with brands. In a world where the target no longer exists, we’re all empowered actors with access to information and able to publish it immediately and exponentially.

“Orbital Thinking” to understand today’s world

“Orbital Thinking”, a concept created by Sergio Roitberg, is a new way of seeing the world that helps us understand today’s reality. According to Roitberg, four forces are impacting the world: “Velocity: changes and things happen at a dizzyingly fast pace, and communications have a lot to do with this. Transparency: we are all exposed in a big shop window in our underwear. Collaboration: social networks foster collaboration in virtually all organizations and societies. Social conscience: we are a global society increasingly aware of our responsibilities to others.”

In his book, Roitberg uses practical and illustrative examples from daily life to help us understand the meaning of his concepts and his vision of this new world. It includes the views of local personalities like Facebook’s Natalia Basterrechea, Fluidra’s Eloi Planes, and economist José Carlos Díez.

Sergio Roitberg is a consultant and Newlink’s founder and CEO. He began his career  as a journalist in Argentina before moving to the United States, where he developed a long career in the media. He was a news anchor, correspondent and producer for international television channels. He won two Emmy Awards, for which he was nominated five times.

In 1998, he founded Newlink, which in less than 20 years he has made into one of the leading communications consultancies in Latin America, with offices across the region as well as in the United States and Europe. Over the past two decades, he has lectured on topics from innovation in business to the disruption of technology and the strategies companies can embrace to adapt to changes.

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