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Sergio Roitberg

President & CEO

Sergio Roitberg is an innovative entrepreneur who founded Newlink in 1998 out of his home in Miami Beach.

Under his leadership, the company has grown to become an internationally recognized consulting firm that operates with 350+ employees across the Americas.
Sergio, author of the book "Expuestos", is the brain behind Newlink. He believes that today’s hyper-connected climate presents a challenge to organizations and individuals, constantly exposing them to the scrutiny of the public eye. Sergio created his own proprietary consulting methodology, Orbital Thinking, to help clients navigate this ever-changing landscape and harness the power of change.
Prior to founding Newlink, he was an award-winning news anchor, correspondent and producer for international television networks. Milestones in his journalism career include positions with CNN and CBS Telenoticias, and other key Latin American broadcast outlets including Radio Continental and channels 13,11, 9 and 7 in Argentina, TV Nacional in Chile, and RCN in Colombia.


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