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Felicitas Soares Gache

Vice President, Culture

Felicitas brings to Newlink a unique combination of
creativity and strategy to our clients.

With a strong background in branding, design, marketing and communication strategy in Latin America and the United States, Felicitas brings to Newlink her strategic vision, her passion for the strengthening of solid organizational cultures and her focus on generating measurable results for the clients.

Before joining Newlink in Argentina, Felicitas worked in both private and non-profit sectors. She was Director of Account Services for marketing firm BridgerConway, LLC in Miami, helping the company grow by 400% in Miami and New York.

In more than 10 years at Newlink, Felicitas developed and until 2017 led the Creativity & Branding center of excellence that serves the entire region from Argentina. She was instrumental in Newlink's repositioning from its rebranding to the development of Orbital Thinking.

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